Why not embrace the new hopes with T24!

Here we have somewhat lesser in the news, a new Telecommunication industry participant. T24 is an another Indian cellular service provider formed in 2010. The brand is a joint venture among the Tata Teleservices Limited and Future Group. While visiting the official website of T24 mobile, it welcomes  you with appealing shopping offers.


Being a subsidiary company of the Future group, T24 shopping vouchers can be redeemed at any nearby Future group store, e.g. Big Bazaar, Central etc. Keeping its spirits high, T24 has stepped into the competition with its substantial enough moves. Till now, the company has provided free talktime worth Rs. 136 Cr. to its more than a million customers. And they have no intentions of backing off from it.


Since we can all notice the downfall in services and rise in prices in our already renowned service providers, attempting to give a trial to a newcomer is not a bad idea! That too when one is coming up with genuine services and shopping related offers. When we don’t get much out of loyalty with our existing service providers, why not embrace the new hopes! Visit the site WOWSTM.com for encountering a definitive new appeal for yourself.


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