Let the spring colours sprinkle with minimalism!

We are experiencing spring  and spring is what we love! Because it’s the season, which nurture our minds. With this season, the VIBGYOR concept comes into manifestation with its all possible shades. For us, stepping out of the comfort zone into nature seems altogether possible and non-theoretical. Planting, gazing at those skies from the garden of your thoughts, getting those photo clicks in a perfectly picturesque natural surroundings are some of those springtime routines, which repeat every year with zero monotony involved.


The season of hope brings the opportunities of getting out and a pursuit of happiness becomes your daily task. Let the hues of the season affect you for good. The season can be an inspiration to lead a life of a minimalist. As we all are slaves of our desires, a minimalist lifestyle can become ideal for us.


It frees us from stress of maintaining the pieces of our material world. We get more time to focus on ourselves. With this nourishing some of our gifted talents, getting deeper into our favorite hobbies become a lot easier. Suddenly, we have more time within those 24 hours.


Pleasurable memories hold more power on the brain than the novelty of a dress or a jewelry piece. Our dopamine works better when it’s the effect of an adventurous experience!

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