Some of those girl oriented life hacks!

The women are born strugglers. Not a matter of surprise, they have a day of their own. Every day is a never rewarding arduous journey for womanish beings. Also, adaptation and management are some feminine qualities appreciated in every society. And to maintain those standards, they have to keep renovating themselves. Here we have some daily life hacks exclusively for our smart girls.

  • Get your jeans odour free and ready to wear again!

We understand that everyday laundry is a headache and seems impossible task sometimes. Now you can repeat that pair of jeans, even the next day, simply pack it in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer for the whole night. Voila! Your denim is all new and odour free to wear this morning.


  • Try some key art with your nail colours!

Keep your key cluster sorted and organized. Paint keys with different nail colors. Try some key art on your favorite keys.

nail-polish-keys (1)

  • Make your vegetable grater as your ear dangler stand.

Everyone like that collection of dress, matching and cute earrings, but maintaining them without losing part of the pair takes great efforts sometimes. Replace the role of that old vegetable grater and use it as a jewelry stand now. Paint it with a gorgeous girly colour and show off your collection.


  • Your empty lip balm stick can be your money safe locker.

No one can imagine that, some currency can be found in a lip balm stick. Once the product is finished, use that empty space to store your money.

52217019f9782289545654baf4cb3b76 (1)

  • Your least used transparent nail color can be a savior for your fashion jewellery.

Save your matching fashion jewellery from tarnishing by applying your transparent nail colour on it.


  • Hair straightener can be your emergency iron machine for wrinkle free clothes.

In your travel time or when you don’t have iron around, your mini hair straightener can save you from embarrassing unironed clothes.


  • Don’t use your teeth now to open that tight nail paint bottle.

Tie rubber bands on your nail paint bottle cap to open them easily.


Life can be a lot easier if we find a twisted way of doing things!

Visit for exploring the girly you.


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