Seek after the beauty

Someone rightly said “Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear”. Surface beauty is eye pleasing! But it is limited till appearances of unmarked plain skin. The ingredients of the notion called ‘beauty’, are many others. If you stand often for what you believe in, if you have enough guts to manifest your extreme emotions, you are a sovereign.684b637824a250d1368b4326d50b70a1Often, in the womanly world, all strive to fit in the pre decided images. Even if the nature coneys a different story for them. However, some bravehearts are audacious enough to punch the life challenges and step over them. Many Alopecia patients are the fitting example. Some may conveniently think that, these people have no choice than being bold. But it needs patience as well carry on with the same attitude. People’s speculation are not their cup of tea because they are above it all. We must admit one thing,that  they have a more intellectual point of view towards living. Because they have completed a journey from ‘why me’? to ‘why not’?.  It takes someone sensationally serene to be a beautiful woman.d5f848845d70c0f94a2c400aa20e3a8eIt takes the power of appreciation, to identify your inner gorgeousness.imagesEach one of us has a friend who load anyone with numerous compliments, why we are not able to bother that much? Likewise, we are not bothered enough to find the truth. Seeking after the beauty means seeking after the truth, eye pleasing things are added magnetisms to it.

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