Don’t just try it too hard for your Joy!

Happiness is motivation for us. A moderate and balanced level of the emotion is undoubtedly stimulates energy in the mind. But as we say an excessive of anything is bad. Too much happiness can be a turn off for many things. It may shake the balance of practicality and resultantly, one may engage in drinking and binge eating. It can also create the level of complacency because we take everything too positively.


Hence, we should not spend it lavishly, inspite, make yourself frugal and feel it in the best suited times.

Don’t chase after it too much that you lose it out of curiosity. Give it its time and it will crawl towards you. Believe it or not, a slow pleasure moment is more mesmerizing than a quick jolt of adventure. Keep your expectations managed and have patience for experiencing it right and not doing over compromisation for the joy you seek.


In this seek, many of us set a profile picture of “perfect me”. Perfectionism leads to satisfaction for them and not meeting it can lead to higher disappointment than usual.


It’s better that we search for it in little things. As you must have noticed, tiny has been always cute. Larger image can be not so admirable. Just as we all admire the little beings of us, tiny replicas of anything are considered adorable, happiness is also lies in that small world. Find the right source and get the joy with can prove to be a good path to start with!


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