Sadness is the counterpart

We all strive for our happy beings. Every effort we make in our lives is because we strive for the joy. For some of us, being happy is their inevitable trait. And in that quest, we often look over the important emotions. The concept is very well described and highlighted in the movie “Inside Out”. The award winning animation film has shown five driving emotions of the human brain.

inside outs

Undoubtedly, the Joy leads them all and decides most of the reactions. The story revolves around the girl character “Riley”. Her mental balance and emotional intelligence are affected by her core memories, which are described in golden colored balls. These are all important consolidated memories comprising of her childhood events, caressing of her parents and her experiences with her friends etc.


Since, she is still a child, the main character, “Joy” decides everything and keeps “Sadness” always out of the picture. She didn’t recognize the Sadness as her counterpart yet. But an unexpected event turns everything upside down.


Surprisingly the Sadness which has been shown as a blue stout little girl who cries over everything but appears to be cute looking doing that, shows the real path to the Joy. Sadness gives her the map of Riley’s brain and helps in discovering her true happiness. Joy then understands that, embracing the sadness and realizing it is the ultimate path to your satisfactions.

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