Invite all shiny and smelling fresh in 2016!

With every fresh year, we run behind resolutions and self promises. This new year, why not make a change and make some good promises to walls and ceilings. Give a novel and fresh look to your house and room while welcoming the new moments and aspirations! 


Share the idea with your like minded friends and have a fun home décor session. Painting the walls on your own has been an exciting activity. With this, giving it a personalized look is a beyond comparison adventure.


Adding some natural aura to it, bring your favorite flowers at home. No home is complete without a touch of nature in it. Beauty can be revealed in every usual thing in the home. We don’t always need to paste those fancy wallpapers and grand, imposing sceneries on walls.


Let your creativity be encouraged with some of your hand made pen holders, photo frames, wall hangings, etc. Bring some crispness in the idea by not making them so obvious.


Stick to your own style, what appeals to your eyes, appeals to everyone in the room! Choose your shopping destination. Travel more! Learn more! Get your flight tickets, bus tickets booked.


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