Wander alone in buses and trains but take a safety insurance

Long distance Bus and train tripping seems enticing. But it also conducts vulnerability for you. Taking practical safety measures is unavoidable. If you are tossing yourself to a road trip full of bus and train journeys, then choose a road which is safe to travel.


The roads which are very much prone to robbery dangers or accidents at nights should be less preferred, especially when you travel solo.


Safety comes hand in hand with luxury. Splurge some extra bucks on tickets. Go for Volvo tickets not just for comfort but for their safety assurance also. Get your tickets booked as early as feasible. Doing so can get you the best seats.


For trains, specifically in India, one has to be over concerned about everything. Stick to your spot, be familiar with the cabin partners, be near to your luggage or hold your bag, etc.  Arrive early on the spot for your comfort. Keep alert while boarding on the train during the high rush and an environment of hullabaloo will be inevitable as the train arrives. Hence, keeping minimum luggage during a train journey will be a smart thing to do.

You may consider Twitter.com for your all bus, flight and hotel bookings. Plan your way out smartly!


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