Eat oily, stay healthy!

Consuming oil rich food and fried food has always been considered a non-healthy decision. But  there are some options you can swear by and not just drool over that crispy fried fish dish but also eat it. Olive oil is one such blessing for those health conscious beings. You can not eat everything raw, and cutting the quantity of oils and butter is also not a feasible option. In those cases, a little knowledge about health and its related food can lower the stress.

olive oil food

Though it can be an expensive option than your regular kitchen oil, but the benefits are satisfying and promises you a healthful life. With this we need to understand the terms attached to the oil. In the market, we see various varieties like Olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and Olive pomace oil.


Olive oil: If the bottle simply says olive oil, then  it is refined olive oil. This is hot pressed oil, which is heated and neutralized. Also, the fruits used in it may not be very fresh and darker green olives are used in it. The oil is safe to use for cosmetic uses.


Olive Pomace Oil: Olive Pomace oil is extracted from olive pomace with the use of solvents and chemical procedures. Olive pomace oil can be considered as a byproduct of the extraction of olive oil. This is hot-pressed.

promace oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This is the purest and highest grade olive oil, which is extracted with the cold pressed procedure. No heat and added chemicals to refine it are included in the process. The oil is made from fresh olives and gives a pleasant aroma.

olive-oil extra

The oil is best used for salad dressings, cooking and many other cosmetic uses. Happy Health!

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