The essentials for your budget friendly travel plan

When you are travelling on a managed allowance, then carrying a hell lot of travel accessories doesn’t fit with the idea. Also, if you are avoiding your personal car travel and opting for public transport, then you would want to keep your budget to the minimum. The following can be the helpful accessories for you, keeping you safe from sun and dehydration.

  • Summer Cap: Summer caps, also called Visor perfectly serves your dual purpose. It protects your eyes and lips from harmful with the sun. Also, the accessory gives a darling look.

sumer cape

  • Tip: They look full Chicky when teamed up with casuals.
  • Vibrant Water Bottle: Keep everything interesting and adorable. Yes, you can buy the packaged drinking water bottle. Alternatively, pick one perfect sized coloured water bottle or sipper. A vibrant hued water in hand, acts as an accessory sometimes, especially while posing for a picture.


  • Travel Wallet: A travel wallet will effortlessly make you organized. Dropping your card or losing chances decreases much more when everything is managed in one space. You can instantly find any card you want.


  • Holdall Bags: They are just too perfect to miss. They win every facet of convenience. Simply pack one Holdall and you are just ready for everything which comes your way.


  • Polaroid Camera: decorate your room with your traveling experiences. Carrying a Polaroid is going land all those cheery moments again, the moment you see the pictures.

Polaroid Camera

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