Money saving tips while shopping

Shopping is obviously a pleasurable experience. We go to a shop, we like something and we buy it, planning in our mind the next outing while wearing that dress. But there many low points of this brain pleasure fun. It costs money. And after spending, we always almost regret for the extra purchase we have made.


Carry only that much amount, which you need for shopping. Bringing in the extra amount will give you the chance to spend much more. If you won’t be having the money the chances are rare to spend more money. If you do the shopping from debit cards, then keep the balance low in your bank account.

debit card shopping

Prepare a list of items you need before you move out for shopping. You can categorize your list into wanted and non-wanted things. It will save time and ease your shopping time. You can buy essential items first and then move on to non-needed items.

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