Be a hacker and handle the life situations smartly

Life not predictable and you should be prepared to handle situations uncalled for. We don’t want to give you goose bumps, but just suggesting to be on your guard at all times.

Our common sense helps us a lot to deal with different situations like terrorist attacks, fire, robbery or theft. Apart from this, one should keep certain things in mind to be safe. Here are them:

Try to be a bluff master: Everything is good as long as you live as everything else is repairable. So your goal is to survive whether someone is trying to rob you. It is okay to lie, deceive or pretend in order to distract a possible threat to escape a dangerous situation.

Try to be a bluff master

Be calm: Be calm and think what you are going to do next. Have faith in yourself that you will survive and nothing wrong will happen to you. Do not rely upon anyone in such a situation.


Do not scream ‘help’ instead say ‘fire’ or ‘terrorist’: One should not yell ‘help, help’ as people might ignore such words. Instead, one should yell ‘fire’ or ‘terrorist attacks’ as they are a threat to everyone in general.

'terrorist attacks'

 Pretend to be dead: If terrorists have attacked some places, one should lie on the floor to pretend as if he or she is already dead.

Pretend to be dead

Learn basic self defense ploy: One should learn basic self defense and enroll in martial arts training classes. Learn Judo or Karate to protect yourself from any untoward incidents.

Judo or Karate

Keep a hammer or pepper spray in the bag: You never know what is going to happen in the next few hours, so always keep yourself prepared. Keep an emergency hammer or pepper spray in your purse.


Always be informed about your surroundings: Whether you are travelling in a train or shopping in malls, always be aware about your surroundings. You should be aware about the exit doors and emergency numbers to act immediately when required.

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