Pay attention before boarding a flight

Taking a vacational tour is always exciting and the most prone to danger area are the airports and flights. There can always the hacks and tricks be applied, provided you are fully aware of the surroundings and know where you are heading.

Pay attention before boarding a flight1

Flight Check: Check the global rankings of the flights before buying tickets. Check the flight  safety, punctuality and a kind of comfort they offer.  

flight check

Frequent Flier Programs: Most flights these days are a part of an alliance like Star Alliance for Air India. It’s beneficial to sign up for the frequent flier programs while flying as your loyalty to one particular experience can gain you extra points, which can be utilized to win a lot of discounts or free flights.

Star Alliance for Air India

Know Your Airport: Now that everything is done and set, it’s time to get familiar to your airport. Plan your ride to the airport in advance so that you don’t need to rush at the last moment. Even if you stay in a stone throw’s away from the airport, it’s better to report at least 2 hours before.

Know Your Airport

Boarding Pass: According to the norms of Indian Aviation, you are supposed to carry either print out your boarding pass or a copy of the pass in a smartphone.

copy of the pass in a smartphone

Security Check: In Indian airports, security check is quite detailed and takes a long time. If you are getting late for the flight, it’s an etiquette to request the people in your queue to let you pass by. To make your frisking easier, keep your jewelries in a purse, toiletries in another. Take your laptops and cameras out of the bag. Try wearing socks that match skin color. Never stand in queues with children, they may seem simpler and quicker to be frisked but they might delay themselves.

In Indian airports secirity check

Find the gate: Once you are done with security checks, start finding the departure gate. If you want to do some window shopping or pick up some snacks or check out the duty free shops, always try to remain near the gate. Duty fees are known for distracting people of their real  intention.

departure gate

How to get a free upgrade: If you are a frequent flier, a mild request at the check in often does wonders. Keep an eye on the social media of the airline for a week at least. They might run a contest tagging them would upgrade you to business class. Well, if none of this work, don’t board the plane until a final call. And as you know the flight is closed and boarding is complete, you can attempt sitting in a business class seat, if found vacant. Sometimes this works, sometimes it does not.

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