The travel guide when you have low money budget

Travel has always been a luxuriously expensive affair for lots of people. Most of us often avoid this experience full, amazing activity because, “we don’t have enough to spend on travel” or “we hardly pay the loans, how come the travel is possible.” These are the common reasons behind our non-travelling lifestyles. But your life is too precious to not to travel. It’s actually all about the priorities.


As a famous American travel expert (Matthew Kepnes) says, “You do not need to be rich to travel.”  The statement seems to be a valid point. But how can we practically think this way, when even a domestic travel trip costs the fortunes. But with putting the statement, Matthew has also given certain reasonable points, here are they.

Eat your hand cooked food: Cooking food on your own is healthy as well as a frugal expense option. Instead of feasting on an expensive restaurant meal, you can opt for a good habit of cooking.


Cut your Cable Operator’s expense: Opting for cable channels is a sheer wastage of money, when you can simply watch anything online for free.


Share your room: Dividing your room with your room partner is a fun as well as a money saving option. The decision gives you a share in your expenses and partner in your holiday in house fun activities.

share in your expenses and partner

Go for a cheaper smart phone option: We anyway need smartphones for our daily activities, but every app works almost same on every smartphone. As long as the phone software version is same. So, if you don’t have an iPhone, its OK!

asus_zenfone_goSkip the movies: As long as you are not buying those movie tickets for your parents, for their weekend outings, movies are just a completely overrated, expensive experience. Watching your favourite genre, latest release while cuddling with him/her is priceless!

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