Some best Indian destinations for your travel appetite

The avid travelers behave in a nomadic way. Sometimes, they just don’t need any plans and pre-bookings and guide books. A map and the local transport work for them. They take trips for themselves, for grooming their experiences and knowledge. Also, choosing the massively crowded destinations can be a turn off, especially when one is looking for lots of self exploration. Below are some secluded Indian destinations, ideal for your solitude.

Indian destinations

Kasol: The small village of Himachal Pradesh in northern India is an unusual happening place. The travelling hang out place is the chief in Parvati Valley. It serves as a focal venue for summer trance parties. There is one Old Kasol on the Bhuntar side of the village and New Kasol on the Manikaran side.


Gokarna: We can call it a simplified and less commercialized category of Goa like places. The place offers a mellowing beach side relaxation. If you are looking a spot for self exploration and not just for full day and night occupying parties, then this is going to work for sure.

Goa like places

Triund: The hilly beauty situated at Dharamsala, India, lies mainly in the laps of dhauladhar mountains. The place is very popular for the trekking activities. The spot offers the trekking with tranquility and many tea stoppages for relaxation.


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