How it feels to travel without money?

Anyone can hardly afford the moneyless life. Living without currency or kind is unimaginable in every aspect. But, the term “travelling” has some different story in itself. Travelling with the least money sounds kind of a perilous attempt to make. But again its not a venture for some frail hearted individuals who always needs shells of some five star hotel rooms.

moneyless life

Also, by travelling moneyless, we don’t mean to cheat people or lie, but a healthy strategy to follow. Of course, it’s not for just everyone. You will have its core in meeting with the locals and living with minimalism.

One amazing way to start with is Couchsurfing. The website is a wonder destination for those who seek for local interactions, acknowledging city culture and understandable dialects. Free sleeping space is one core benefit. But what the website gives you is something untradable. If you are reluctant to travel alone but want to try it, then couchsurfing can be your helper.

Free sleeping space is one core benefit

As every good thing comes with instructions, couchsurfing also has some.

If you are a guest:

If you have got a decent and genuine host, try to be your best possible version as a guest. Help them in the house chores, like washing dishes, cooking, interacting nicely, getting to know about their daily routine and culture.


If you are hosting:

It’s you who offered your house space and was willing to welcome the avid travelers. Your personal interests in this should be limited till some new interactions and making new friends. Try to provide a fitting environment to your visitors. Be open for their help and suggestions. If it’s not about money, then it should be for humanity.

It’s you who offered your house space

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