Some unimaginable sea shores

De-toxing mind problems at the beach has been a vintage favorite for most people. While you can sunbathe and play beach volley at world famous beaches of Mauritius and Maldives, we suggest you to try out some surreal beaches like Glass Beach in California and Glow -in-dark beach in Maldives for an epic experience.

beaches trip with wowstm

Big Shell Beach: It embraces the accumulation of a large number of dead shells from the years.

Jokulsarlon island: The black volcanic sand is all draped in white ice chunks.

Jokulsarlon island

Papakolea Green sand Beach: The green sand on the sea shore is the result of Sea mineral olivine, when lava cools in the sea.

Papakolea Green sand Beach

Pink Sand Beach: This cutie cute pink sand beach is in Greece. Isn’t it can be a spot for your girls bachelor party?

Pink Sand Beach wowstm blog

Glass Beach: The beach looks a fascinating thing in the image. The trash dumped by locals from years now have given it a glassy identity.


Glow in Dark Beach: When hit by the waves, it sends  out light. Sounds magical right? Yes, it is, the magic of microscopic bioluminescent phytoplankton.

glow in dark beach

Maho beach: Maho Beach is unusually close to the threshold of a runway, and is directly under the flight path, resulting in aircraft on their final approach flying over the beach at altitudes of less than 100 feet above ground level.

Maho beach

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