Best shopping cities

Shopping runs heavily in our veins, especially when we are on an exclusive planned vacation trip. Also, if the destination is a famous shopping hub, then it’s for sure a desired cherry on the cake. There are some cities who were zealously born to be the shopping nucleus. Below is the catalogue:

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Milan: The brands like Prada, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana share one common country of origin. And we all know what efficacy all these names have on the minds of Shopaholics.


Dubai: The place is quiet luxury centric and so as its shopping spots are. Dubai holds the place for world’s largest mall in it.

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Buenos Aires: The complete bag-pack of various style variations, the city is quite renowned for jewelry and leather.

Buenos Aires

Hong Kong: The city has got a quiet, colorful playground in terms of shopping. If not the luxury one, it has ranked on first amongest the avid shoppers.

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London: London shopping is something you would not want to miss out. You may spot the things, you wonder if they ever existed on the earthly markets.


New York City: The city’s shopping experience can be quite vintage as per your taste. But it’s a perfect blend destination for trip and shopping.

new york city

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