Say hii to 90’s fashion @ the 21st century

The chain of seasons arrives and goes off, but youth love for fashion can never be secondary. When we talk about fashion, people say girls are more into it, but I would say ‘being fashionable’ is right of every single girl. Well, being updated with latest fashion trends is a great part time for crazy girls. Today boys are also carrying themselves into fashion pretty well, but this is a taught task for designer to explore much for them.


Round shape sunglasses, bell-bottoms, Denim, Floral dresses isn’t it sounds like 90’s. Yes, the fashion of 90’s is knocking the door of the 21st century. The retro collection recently made a comeback with a little touchup of new age.


What if you get a bell bottom with a rugged design or round sunglasses with glitters or leopard print, or a one piece dress with beautiful floral design. This is how fashion is reviving itself. 

Pleasant Plazo: – Summer needs some loose attire which should be comfortable and affordable too. You can try shirt or a crop top with your palazzo pants or just pair them with a white or funky, graphic tee. For a professional look it’s good to add a blazer too.

90's bell bottom

Dazzling Dungaree: – As the time changes fashion also needs some good ravishing changes. Dungaree is a perfect dress for everyone for all occasions.  Going for a party, pick a printed or bold color dungaree pair it with light color t-shirts. For casual hangout you can go for a blue denim dungaree with white tee.


Flowing Floral: – You can choose floral dresses any time, for any occasion, infect these are best for summers because it make you feel refreshing. Every fashion material such as dresses, skirts, shirts, tops, scarves etc, you can find in floral print.

floral 90's

Spunky sunglasses: – Sunglasses are good friend of any person in these summers. As Retro is making a comeback, round shape shades has a long way to go. What face shape you have, oval, long or round, square, go for round sunglasses, it can be a perfect match for anyone.

sunglasse 2016

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