Cozy and Beautiful Spring is here: Cherish it!

Spring calling!! Get ready to shop online to book your tickets for the famous destinations to travel this spring. Yes! Spring season is on its way and its very soothing weather to travel around. Hill stations, cozy places, waterfall etc.  Seems to be the core part of this season. We know that the best part of the spring season are the flowers. They bring color to the world, they make you poetic and they give you a chance to appreciate nature. But we hardly get to enjoy a view of colorful daisies, tulips, and blossoms growing in a row, unless we decide to take a trip!


Sikkim is beautiful throughout the year, but it’s in the months of May and June, when you can see subtle pink flowers called the rhododendrons blossom taking the beauty of the place to the next level. At the sanctuary is where you can take a trek and soak in the view of these beautiful flowers! 


Kashmir-Heaven on Earth. The  gorgeous gardens around the Dal Lake will leave you speechless. Shalimar Bagh, a huge garden, about 31 acres in whole, was built by Emperor Jahangir for his most favorite wife Nur Jahan. Nishat Bagh was built by Nur Jahan’s brother. You’ll spot perfect channels of water and a lot of diversity in both, flowers and colours, here. 

kashmir spring2

Travel with us and grab opportunities to visit the places hassle free. Book your Air tickets, Bus tickets and also book reasonable and best hotels in the town to make your trip more enjoyable and also tension free. You just have to reach destination and have fun.

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