A boom in Online World: Birth to Tech-Savvy Generation

Technology driven e-tailers from the virtual world are giving a run for the money to retailers in the real world, as they lure away smart buyers with lower prices, heavy discounts and door-step delivery. What began as a trickle two-three years ago has turned into a tide, as is evident from the phenomenal growth of e-tail business in past few years, especially in consumer and electronic goods, durables, appliances, fashion, travel, food and what not.


Past few years has been the year of digital consumers, as more offline buyers shifted to online shopping for benefits and advantages which e-commerce is offering. With faster internet access through broadband and Wi-Fi and also with increasing use of Smartphone and other handheld devices like tablets and i-Pads, browsing e-commerce websites and placing orders have become a growing trend in cities and towns across the country.


Changes in lifestyle and shopping choices saw buyers preferring online channels over physical channels to save time and seek a wider range of variety. Apart from following a single website for all these stuffs, people are engaging into more and more websites to get best out of them, to shop better and best with reference to door step delivery, easy exchange and returns, quality stuff and even the best affordable prices.

food delivery mobi

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