Best beach destinations for your travel wish list

Sand in your toes, wind in your hair, warm salty water on your skin; beach is a magical place to be. Watching the boundless sea and the crashing waves is sure to set you free. There is nothing better than spending evenings walking along the shore of a sea and having the exotic food offered by the local eateries. If you are an avid traveler and cannot decide where to travel next, plan a trip to a beach destination. Here are few of the best beach destinations for you.

Antalya (Turkey)


If you are a sucker for outdoor activities, Antalya is the place for you. Also called the Turquoise coast for its blue water bodies, the place offers various sports like hiking, golfing and diving. The place offers you a firsthand experience of Turkish culture and the water based theme parks will make you want to never leave the place.

Goa (India)

Brimming with beauty to the edge, Goa is a perfect blend of beaches and natural beauty. Experience the amazing coastal cuisine and water sports. Cultural attraction like churches and sanctuaries further add value to the trip. The place is a perfect getaway for those who are looking for a great beach destination.


Crete (Greece)

Largest island in Greece, Crete has beautiful beaches along with picturesque mountains capes and impressive valleys. The rich culture of the island is worth exploring for travel fanatics and the stunning views are sure to take your breath away.


Coast of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Rio de Janeiro is one of the best beach destinations. Rich with the culture of Brazil, the place is thriving with vegetation and animal life. The fathomless beauty of the place will leave you speechless.


Canary Island (Spain)

Canary Island is a beautiful blend of vegetation and beaches. And the prehistoric views and volcanoes further add to the picturesque beauty of the island. If you a lover of outdoor activities, the place offers you hiking, surfing, horse riding, camel riding and golf.


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