World’s best shopping destinations


Someone correctly quoted that those who say money cannot buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop. Have you ransacked all the stores in your city and cannot find new places to shop? If yes, then why aren’t you planning a shopping trip already? Apart from exploring new places and cultures, travelling offers a great chance for shopaholics to indulge in their fetish. Here are few of the most popular shopping destinations that are sure to tempt you to shop.

Milan, Italy


Milan is one the fashion capitals and is a wish come true for fashion-lovers. Brands like Armani, Versace, Gucci who are known for their Italian craftsmanship can be found in Milan. If your love for luxury fashion knows no bounds, head to Milan to experience the world of ultimate sophistication and luxury.

London, England


When in London, you have to stop to shop. You will find everything from luxury to quirky finds while strolling through the streets of London. Oxford Street, Bond Street and Mayfair, West field and Regent Street and Jeremy Street are some of the best shopping locations in London.

Hong Kong, China


China is known for its mass production of good around the world which makes it one of the best shopping destinations around the world. The city welcomes all shoppers as it has all kinds stores ranging from a dollar store to a designer outlet.

Bangkok, Thailand


The city is brimming to the edge with shopping destinations. You will find stores, malls, shopping streets as far as your eyes can see and the variety of products will make you dizzy. Bangkok has to be in your travel wishlist if you travel especially for shopping.

New York City, New York


Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Barney’s, Tiffany & co are some of the best stores in New York every sucker for fashion has heard of. From flea markets to luxury fashion house, you will find everything in New York to match your taste.

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