Hotel room hacks for an enjoyable stay

A comfortable hotel stay is a must while travelling; hotel stay can either make or break your trip. But just when you think that there’s nothing you can do about a problem while staying at a hotel, you are wrong. There are many ways by which you can make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are few tips that you might want to remember the next time you stay in a hotel.

Free Wi-Fi

HOTELS.COM - Wi-Fi and creature comforts are hotel amenity musts

Mostly all of the hotels provide free Wi-Fi to their customers but if you happen to stay in a hotel that does not provide free Wi-Fi, you can ask for it. If you are on a business trip, you are going to need internet to check your mails and other things; in such case, you can go over to the reception and ask for Wi-Fi.

Make the most of a buffet


There’s no limit to how much you can have at a buffet so why not make most it? Although it might be frowned upon at some places but if you can, you should pack some food to take with you while you are out for sightseeing. It will save your money as you won’t need to stop at a restaurant.

Anti-theft device


Sometimes there’s a risk of someone breaking in your room if you are staying in a shady hotel or place. To protect your things from theft, hang the Do Not Disturb sign on your door to trick people into believing that you are inside your room when actually you are out.



If you are in mood for some music but the sound of your phone is too low to be heard from few feet away; take an empty glass and put your pone in it. it will amplify the sound of your phone.

Keep the power on


Many hotels have cards for a key and the same card is used to place in a slot next to the door to turn on the electricity of your room. However, when you leave you have to take the key with you leaving no power in the room to charge your gadgets. To keep the power on in your room after you leave, simply put an old credit card or your business card in the slot.

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