Reduce your phone bill with these easy tips

Is your mobile phone bill gobbling up most of your budget? Everything comes at a price and smart phone surely complies with the saying. Back in days mobile phones could not do anything more than just call but with the advent of technology, smart phones today, can almost make your every wish come true. But if this genie in your pocket is breaking your budget, you need to come up with a plan to reduce your phone bill. However, it isn’t really as hard as climbing a mountain, here are few tips that can help you reduce your phone bill.


Cancel extra services

When you are subscribing to a new service, the amount doesn’t seem huge but throw in few more of these services and your phone bill will increase by half. Think again, do you really need that ringtone? You will save a lot if you unsubscribe to these services.

Cancel extra services

Use public Wi-Fi

If you regularly get data plans for your phones, you must be aware that the prices of these plans are touching the sky with each day. With the rising importance of internet, you will find many public Wi-Fi’s that you can use. Places like restaurants have Wi-Fi for their customer and the government has also been providing Wi-Fi services in many public places. but make sure that you use the Wi-Fi for general purposes and never perform functions like banking as your personal information might get stolen.

Use public Wi-Fi

Cut back on cellular data

Going out or sleeping? Switch off the cellular data. The applications that run in the background consume a large portion of your mobile data. If you are not going to need internet for few hours, switch it off and save it. Your data will last longer this way.

Cut back on cellular data

Prepaid plans

When you have a postpaid plan, you tend to spend more money without even realizing. With a prepaid plan you are aware of how much you are spending on your phone and it can help you keep a check on it.


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