Travel quotes to inspire you

If you are someone who asks why travel when so it’s uncomfortable and difficult; you are in urgent need of travel inspiration. And we thought these finely written quotes might do the trick.


Mark Twain has assembled the essence of travelling in these few simple words. Once you come back home after travelling, you are never the same. The sights you see, the places you have been, the people you have met will change your perception about people, culture and the world. The world is a huge place and no two corners are the same; travelling will expand your horizons and you will understand why things are the way they are.


In a world where career is everything and money defines your value, everyone is busy making their life. But what is the worth of that money if it doesn’t bring your joy. If you cannot find peace and happiness in between your work, you are doing it wrong. While working is important to survive, it is not the sole purpose of life. Make some time to travel a little while you can, or you will regret it later.


Years later when you will be lying in a bed unable to do the basic things that you can now do with ease, you will not count the money you made, but the moments you lived. That little café in Paris, that beautiful stranger you met in a train, the wine you sipped in Italy, the view from a mountaintop and everything you will experience while travelling will stay engraved in your mind forever. Sure, travelling costs money but so does that car you have your eyes set on; it is a matter of choices you make that will shape your life.


You know Coelho is absolutely correct here. Living your life in a dull monotonous way with no hint of adventure in it is the worst way to live your life. Travelling offers you countless adventures and those adventures are not always good ones; you will go through many things and some might even scare you out of your wits but what is life without a little thrill. Not knowing what is beyond the safe wall you have constructed around yourself is like limiting yourself. Travelling once in a while is how you keep the spark alive in your life without which you are not really living.


You will never truly realize your full potential until you push your boundaries. The sole aim of travelling is not just reaching your destination but its discovering yourself while you do so. You would never find out what you are capable of if you don’t give yourself the chance to explore. Who knew you could survive the hot weather when you come from a cold country and that you can cycle around the whole city without being exhausted. Needless to say, the true destination of travelling is within you.

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