Did someone really catch ‘em all?

To answer your question, yes someone did catch all the Pokémons in Pokémon Go game by Nintendo. Nick Johnson from Brooklyn has succeeded in catching all of the 142 Pokémon in the North American Pokedex. Right after two weeks of release of game in US, he caught all the Pokémons. Just like you are right now, we were curious as well about who he is and how did he did it; read on to unravel the mystery.


Nick Johnson, a level 31 player in the game, is a head of platform at a startup company called Applico. By catching all the pokemons in his country, he became the first ever to do so. According to Business Insider, he took a long walks after tiring days at work that summed up to eight hour walks. Instead of going home or meet friends, he opened the game and started catching Pokémons by walking all around the New York City. He wrote “[I lost] about eight pounds, but I was doing eight miles a day,” in Reddit announcement and further told that his physical capacity has improved. He covered 129 miles by walking and catching the virtual fantasy animals in two weeks.


“For me, Pokémon Go made it fun to exercise in a way the gym does not,” the 28 year old stated and we couldn’t agree more with him. Pokémon Go has been medically proved to make you healthier by tempting many couch potatoes to take walks.


The game has total of 151 species of Pokémons and 142 of them were available in US. It was difficult for him to catch all the Pokémons in New York as he admitted that he took an Uber to catch the second-last Pokémon; still a great effort though. As for what he is going to do next, he stated on Reddit that he will simply enjoy the game with friends and has plenty of motivation to grow his company.

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