Travel mistakes and how to avoid them

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first trip or one of the many trips you take around the year, there are few travel mistakes that you might be making that might cause some real problems for you in a foreign land. While you think that you are all set for your trip, take a look at these travel no-no’s.



You don’t need to pack your whole world for a few days’ trip. Pack the things that you are sure you will use like basic items. We tend to pack many things thinking that they will come handy but they end up adding extra weight to your bags and you never actually use them. Make a list of things you are absolutely going to need and try to eliminate few items from them.


Trusting the locals easily

While asking the locals for direction is a smart move, relying completely on a single person is not. When you are not sure about the directions, ask a local about it and then ask another person to make sure that you are going in the correct direction. Sometimes the locals aren’t aware of the directions and other times they are misleading you.


Not buying a travel insurance

It might not seem important to buy travel insurance, but we assure you that it is highly necessary to get one before heading to your trip. Chances are you might get hurt or lose your luggage while travelling and in such cases, travel insurance can be a huge rescuer. They will pay for your medical expenses and in case you lose your luggage or loved ones during a trip, you will be provided with compensation.

Not buying a travel insurance

Wearing expensive jewelry

It is not rocket science to distinguish a tourist from the locals for pickpockets. By wearing flashy jewelry while you are on a trip, you are luring local pickpockets towards yourself. Be smart and leave your jewelry at home, it is the first item in a list of things you should not pack for your trip.

Wearing expensive jewelry

Not researching

Another blunder that you are making is not researching about the place you are going to visit. There may be many culture-shocks awaiting you and you don’t want to be caught off guard. Do your homework and research all about the place and familiarize yourself with the environment of the place.

Not researching

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