Things to consider before buying online recharge

Online recharge is a boon of technology and we don’t need to step outside to recharge our mobile phone anymore. The internet has made it possible to recharge mobile phones anytime and from anywhere. But are you a newbie to the party? Before you go ahead and recharge your phone online for the first time, read this first.

online recharge

Service provider’s portal

Although mostly all of the service providers have their online recharge portal but there are some service providers that don’t have an online recharge portal. Search for your service provider and see if they have made online recharge possible for you yet.

Service provider’s portal

Start small

If you are new to the concept of online recharge and you are trying it for the first time, don’t get carried away. Start by a small amount of money to recharge your phone for the first time. In case something goes wrong, you might lose your money and it’s better to lose a small sum than a huge amount of money.

Start small

Don’t use public Wi-Fi

This stands valid for all the actions you are perform online that includes your personal data and money. You need to enter your personal information like credit/debit card details and other important information to access the online recharge service. And public W-Fi’s are not safe since there’s a risk of theft of your personal information. Always use your personal Wi-Fi or mobile data for online recharge.


Use antivirus

The internet is full of scams and trust us, you don’t want to become a prey to one. Always have antivirus installed in your phone or computer to avoid theft of your passwords. Whenever you are making an online payment, make sure you are protected from antivirus and there are not an active key loggers either.

Use antivirus

Never refresh

Another thing you need to know is that while making an online payment you should never press F5 or refresh button while your transaction is being carried out. if you do so, the entire process may happen twice or it might fail and something might go wrong. Be patient and don’t do anything till the online transaction is completed.

Never refresh

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