India’s emergency helpline number

You must already be aware of the concept of single helpline number for all emergencies like there is 911 in US and 999 in UK. We have a good news for you; 112 is going to be India’s helpline number to reach the police, fire department and ambulance in case of emergencies. The single emergency helpline number will rule out the other helpline numbers like 100 for police, 101 for fire department and 102 for ambulance.


The number will go live from 2017 and will be made popular through public campaigns. The idea of launching a national helpline number has been hovering quite some time and will be finally implemented the next year. The suggestion of introducing a single number for all emergencies was submitted by Telecom regulator Trai in April 2015 in the recommendation submitted to the telecom department. With the cooperation of state government, the number is to be spread among the citizens.


The services will not just be limited to police, fire department and ambulance; gradually, the services will include other emergencies for women, children and elder citizens. In case of emergency, the person can call on the national helpline number and the call will be directed to the respective service department. It will be a toll free number and the person in distress can also use SMS to reach the emergency helpline. Also, the number can be accessed in case the outgoing calls are blocked or temporarily suspended through landlines and SIMs.


The user’s location will be detected upon calling to send help as soon as possible. The service will be provided through facility like a call center that will be set up by states and the languages used by the representatives will be Hindi, English and other local dialects.


A person can call even when the screen is locked and there’s no balance in the phone. apart from that, the number will be accessible even when your phone is not receiving any signal from the subscribed network but is receiving signals from some other network.

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