How to decide where to travel next

This world is a huge place and even bigger for travel enthusiasts who have no idea how to decide where to travel next. It can be really confusing and frustrating to decide the destinations when the world is full of wonderful places with their unique essence. Are you planning your next trip but have no idea on how to decide where to go? Here’s a step by step guide to make it easier for you.


Make a list of destinations

Choosing one destination from the list of places you want to go can be confusing. To ease the process of deciding where to travel next, the first step is making a list of destinations. Write down the names of places before moving on to the next step.


List of reasons

Why are you travelling? Do you have a specific reason in mind for each place? If yes, write them down under each destination explaining why you want to go there. It can be anything from visiting a relative or a friend to finding an escape for few days.


Things you want to do

Each place offers a new experience and is famous for some thing or other. Do you want to relax on a beach, hike, or shop? Decide the things you would really like to do and put it under the name of the destinations.



Now you might not know everything about each place and some background research is necessary. Search for things like how much it costs, what are the visa formalities involved and what the right season to visit is. It will give you an idea of whether or not the destinations you want to go are feasible or not.


Remove few of the destinations

By now, you will be aware of the things you want to do, the reasons behind your travelling and the general information about each destination. And few of those destinations might not be compatible with the titles so you can go ahead and cross off the few destinations and narrow down your list.


Choosing the winner

The last step is to divide your destinations in two groups, the top one on one side and the last ones on the other side. Choose one destination from each group on the basis of your research and other factors. Think about where you want to go the most among the two places and go with your instincts.


Voila! You have the destination for your next travel plans.

Additional tips

1.Based on what you want to do, pick destinations from “best destinations for” lists. It will help you choose the best for your each category.

2.For how long do you want to go? A week? Few days? Or a month? Choose destinations according to how much time you want to spend as some places might need a huge chunk of your calendar.

3.Travelling costs money and if you are not willing not spend a huge sum of money; keep an eye out for discounts. You will find many discounts and budget friendly packages from travel agencies or advertisements.

4.Talk to someone who has recently travelled to some place and ask them about their experience. It might inspire you to go there and experience everything by yourself.

5.Read the documentaries or newspaper articles about different destinations and what’s best about them, the things you can do there and the experiences the different places have to offer. It might help you make your list if your mind is blank.

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  1. zzzisle says:

    sometimes i would choose a place when the currency exchange rate is to my advantage ;P


  2. That’s a smart idea 🙂


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