Do’s and don’ts of mobile recharge

Whether you just got your new phone or switched from postpaid to prepaid mobile account, there are a few sets of thing that you should be aware of. These are few do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind for convenient experience. All set to buy your first prepaid mobile recharge? Here are few do’s and don’ts to look out for.



Chase discounts

learn to save money and take advantage of discounts offered by mobile operators. since the competition among the brands is aggressive and with each one trying to lure you towards them, you can easily get discounts. Keep an eye out for discounts, cashback’s and additional services before buying prepaid mobile recharge.

Chase discounts

Buy online recharge

It is always better to buy prepaid recharge online than offline. First, it’s convenient and really safe. Second, it is reliable and quicker. Plus, you will bag more discounts and offers online than offline.



Ignore expiry dates

All of the prepaid services have their expiry dates or the dates when the special service will stop working and you will be charged according to your standard base plan. Always keep a tab on expiry dates of your special packs to prevent any loss and inconvenience.

Ignore expiry dates

Buy recharge from unreliable sources

Before buying online prepaid mobile recharge, make sure the website is reliable and trustworthy. The sites that display captivating offers that are too good to be true are mostly scammers trying to lure you into giving away your personal details.

Buy recharge from unreliable sources

Use public Wi-Fi for online recharge

When you buy an online mobile recharge, you are required to enter your personal details like credit/debit card details. Using public Wi-Fi’s for money transactions is highly unwise as your personal data might get stolen and misused. Always use the Wi-Fi at your home when getting online recharge.

public Wi-Fi

Visit to buy mobile recharge online.


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