How to travel safe

Let’s be honest here, travelling is fun and you learn a lot of things while travelling but it is also scary, really scary if you are travelling alone. There are so many things that can go wrong and sometimes you might end up in a situation that you might find really difficult to escape from. But worry not, its not as scary as it sounds especially if you take care to take some precautions. Travel safely with these tips and tricks.


1. While you are making your travel plans, be sure to get travel insurance. As we mentioned, things can go wrong while travelling and often things do go wrong. You might lose your luggage, get seriously injured, your flight might get cancelled or lose a loved one. Travel insurance pays you some amount of money depending on the situation and the company you took your travel insurance from. It’s better to be safe than sorry and hence we insist you on taking travel insurance before going on a trip.


2. You might get robbed of your important documents or lose them while travelling which can create number of problems. It is always a smart idea to keep scanned copies of your important documents to use during emergencies.


3. You might know the places you should visit but seldom people don’t know where not to go in a foreign city. If you are travelling alone, make sure to ask a local about places that are unsafe or where not to go. Tourists are targeted by local goons more often than not and it’s a simple safety measure that you can take to avoid them.


4. Given that culture varies from place to place, the clothes people wear in different parts of the world is not the same. Do some researches about the style of clothes the locals wear in the country you are going to avoid standing out as a tourist and attract unwanted attention and harassment. Try to blend in with the crowd.


5. If you are traveling alone, make sure to inform your family and friends about your travel plans and stay updated on social media to make sure that you can be found in case something goes wrong.


6. Don’t stash all your cash in one place and distribute in different pockets in various forms. There are many cases of tourists getting mugged by the locals and you don’t want to lose all of your money in case you end up in the unfortunate situation.


7. If you are a solo traveller, make sure that you stay in a good hotel as the world has no lack of shady people and places.


8. Always and always trust your guts. If you feel that something is not right, leave immediately or do something about it. Trust your instincts, they are mostly right.


9. Also, take care to be discreet when you are using a map as it can easily give away the fact that you are unfamiliar with the place.


10. Don’t carry expensive gadgets or wear expensive jewelry while travelling if you don’t want to be a potential target by local thieves.


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