Haunted travel destinations

We are not saying that someone could actually get bored of beaches, scenic forests and beautiful hilltops but a change is always a good idea. if you are one of the people who crave for some thrill and excitement in life, why don’t you plan a trip to the haunted destinations in the world? here are few of the destinations that are to give you spooks that you want.


RMS Queen Mary, southern California

In the 1930s, Queen Mary used to be the fastest and the biggest ship but is now a haunted hotel and museum. It was a cruise for the elite but it also took part in World War II. The ship is said to be haunted by over 100 spirits and 49 people died in the last 60 years. You can either take a nighttime tour or stay in the ship to witness the paranormal sightings.


Moundsville Penitentiary, West Virginia

The infamous prison in West Virginia that operated from 1876 to 1995 holds a brutal history of executions and riots. you can either stay overnight or take a midnight stroll till 6 a.m. in the morning. The visitors have reported sighting visitors, guards and a “shadow man”.


The Crescent Hotel, Arkansas

Known as “America’s most haunted hotel” used to be a hospital during the late 1930s for three years. Norman Baker, a doctor who renamed the hotel to “Baker’s Cancer Curing Hospital” claimed to cure cancer. Many people died during the treatment some said to receive pseudo-treatment that worsened their condition. Some of the patients actually recovered but the hotel is haunted and the story of the Nurse and the “Girl in the mist” is quite popular.


Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle was used to hold hundreds of French prisoners during the Seven Years War and they were tortured and kept in the dungeons. Also, a woman was burned at stake as she was falsely accused of being a witch. People claim that they feel the burning sensation on their arms and have witnessed paranormal sightings and sounds.


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