5 jobs for you if you love to travel

Did the travel bug bite you? If it did, you might already be thinking about quitting your job and pack your bags to go on a long vacation. But you have bills to pay and a life to make, you cannot go completely broke. Don’t be disheartened though, here’s a good news for you, you can make money while travelling to fund your trips and earn a living as well. Check out the jobs that can pay you for travelling.

English teacher

If you can read, write and speak English fluently, you are in luck. The demand for English teachers in non-English countries is pretty high which makes it an ideal job for you if you want to travel while earning a decent amount. But you need your degree and TEFL certification to teach English abroad.



If teaching is not your cup of tea, why don’t you work as a bartender in the place you want to explore? You hardly need any qualifications for the job and the requirements are almost same all the world. You might need to learn the local language as a job requirement and so you should take few classes before applying for the job.


Work on a cruise ship

Imagine travelling the world on a cruise ship and getting paid for it. Working on a cruise ship is a great way to earn some cash and travelling to different places. The positions range from engineer to stewardess and the best part is that the cost of your accommodation, insurance, transportation is covered.

Work on a cruise ship

Sports instructor

Are you especially good at some sports activity? You can use your ability to travel and earn while doing so. Touristy places are always in need for sports instructors for activities like surfing, skiing, scuba diving, sky diving and more. Your passion can pay your travel trips.

Sports instructor

Flight attendant

Being a flight attendant doesn’t require high qualification and the perks include cheap rent, airplane tickets, visiting new places, hotel discounts and much more. But be warned, it is not easy as it sounds, you need to work for long hours and you need to go through rigorous training first.

Flight attendant

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