Prepaid mobile lingo

Are you a total noob when it comes to prepaid mobile lingo? If you are a new prepaid user, chances are you don’t understand half of the terms your friends use related to prepaid their account. And while we say ignorance is bliss, it is far from bliss what you experience when your friends jabber away and you don’t understand a single thing as you are unaware of what the terms means. Coming to your rescue, we have compiled few of the commonly used prepaid mobile terms that you should know about.

Prepaid mobile lingo

Top up

What do you do when you are out of balance? You go to your nearest service provider to get a recharge or top up done. Top means the recharge you buy to access services like calling, texting or using the internet.

Top up

Base plan

Don’t get confused when someone asks you about your base plan ever again. Base plan is the general rate at which you will be charged for STD, local calls and SMS.

Base plan


Everything has an expiry date; your SIM, main balance and other additional limited period services you get. Validity refers to the date when the services will expire.


Blackout day

Once in every year, there are days when your special packs don’t function and you are charged a per your base plan for every SMS or call. Blackout days include the days of festivals like Diwali, Holi and Dussehra.

Blackout day


Roaming literally means moving from one place to another. If you move from your home state to any other state, you are roaming. While roaming, you are charged more than your standard base plan.



The full form of USSD is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and USSD codes are the special codes that you can use to request particular service from your mobile service operator without going over to them or calling them. Using USSD codes, you can get recharge done from your balance, check the validity of special services and check your main balance.


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