Airport hacks for a comfortable flight

Travelling is fun but spending long hours at the airport is not. you have to stand in lines to get through the security and wait in waiting rooms for your flight which is absolutely dull. But it doesn’t have to be this uncomfortable every time as there are little tips and tricks that you may come handy. Here are few of the airport hacks for you to try the next time you are flying.

comfortable flight

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated while flying is really important as your body tends to get extra dehydrated when on the flight. But here’s a pickle, you are told to empty your bottles at the security and that means you cannot carry water or fluids to your flight. What you can do is carry an empty water bottle and after you get through security, you can fill up your bottle.

Stay hydrated

Get through security quicker

When you are at the security, you are required to take out your phone, belts and jewelry. But if you are laden with things like these, it can take you forever to take them off at security. Take out the things before entering security and you will save your time.

Get through security quicker

Pack snacks

The snacks they sell in the flight is seriously over-priced and buying them is absolutely a wastage of your hard earned money. Carry your own snacks to munch on while flying and save yourself from splurging on flight especially if you are travelling with kids.

Pack snacks

Bring a scarf or sweater

The airport and place always have their AC on full blast. If you are someone who easily gets sick, consider carrying a light sweater or scarf to keep yourself toasty and warm.

Bring a scarf or sweater

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