How to avoid wear and tear of luggage while travelling

The way luggage handlers handle our luggage will make you refer to them otherwise. They toss your luggage around with no care in the world as if your luggage is nothing more than a potato sack. we can’t really blame them as it’s their job and they have to load and unload luggage every day and they cannot handle each one with care. But if you travel frequently, your luggage might already be demanding to be replaced. Take pity on your luggage and keep these tips in mind while travelling next to avoid wear and tear of your luggage.


Pack your luggage full

While packing, make sure you stuff your bags to the maximum but don’t go overboard and stuff them to their bursting point. Packing them full will make sure that they get squashed against other luggage and break. Also, it will make it easier for the luggage handlers to stack it against other things.

Pack your luggage full

Get luggage that has four wheels

Instead of buying luggage with two wheels, get the one that has four wheels on its bottom. It will make it easier for the handlers to push your luggage around and avoid throwing it.


Use “fragile” sticker

Yes, we know you aren’t really carrying glassware in your luggage but this little trick will prevent the handlers from throwing your luggage around and handle it with more care.


Lock the chains

To make it absolutely sure that your things don’t fall out of your bag while travelling, put little padlocks on the chains. It will keep your things safe and secure and will make sure that your chains open up and spill the contents of your bag.


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