Solo traveler problems and how to overcome them

Travelling solo is definitely an experience worth including your bucket list. The thrill of being alone in a new place with boundless freedom in your hands is pure ecstasy. But as fun as it sounds, it is equally difficult. You will face numerous problems that will seem hard to overcome. But we promise you that as difficult as it is, it will all be worth. Here are few problems that you might face as a solo traveler and their solutions, of course.


Getting lost

One of the things that terrifies most of the solo travelers is getting lost in a new city. There are high chances that you might get lost while travelling solo and when you do you will feel as if all hell is breaking loose. While its utmost terrifying, there are always ways of finding your way back. you can always use Google maps to find your way or you can ask the locals for directions. And if you are too scared to find your way on your own, you can simply tell the cab driver the address to your hotel and you can go back to your hotel. always carry a business card of your hotel as it has their address and phone number printed on it.

Getting lost

Taking pictures

Your trip is not complete without pictures as they are memories that will make you smile when you look at them after few years. but since you are a solo traveler, taking pictures can prove to be quite a pickle. If you don’t want to ask others to take your pictures, there are other ways to take pictures. Carrying a selfie stick might seem stupid but it will help you take great pictures, also you can setup a timer in your camera and set it up on a tripod stand and you will have great pictures of yourself.

Taking pictures

Eating alone

Travelling solo is definitely fun and a courageous thing to do but when it comes to eating alone, you will feel a tinge of loneliness. When you see other people eating out with their family and friends, you are likely to miss your friends and family. but hey, there’s a solution for it as well. Eating out during lunch time will not seem as uncomfortable as many other people would be eating alone too. And you can have your dinner ordered to your hotel room if having dinner all by yourself makes you upset.

Eating alone

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