What kind of shoes to pack for your trip

Struggling with your issues of over packing? Packing doesn’t have to be a tedious job if you know what to pack and how much to pack. We often end up packing more stuff than we actually need by simply assuming that we might need them; and when you come back home, half of your things come back untouched by you. If you are done sorting your clothes, it’s time to pick your shoes. And here’s a basic guide to help you decide what kind of shoes to pack for the kind of vacation you are heading for.


Comfortable sneakers

If you are going to be walking around the city a lot under the sun, a comfortable pair of sneakers would be the best option for you. Your feet will remain comfortable and cool during the day and you can walk endless miles in them without getting blisters.

Comfortable sneakers


for those trips where you are going to be hiking, walking or taking up adventure activities, you will not regret packing a pair of comfortable trainers. Since they are strongly built, you can get rough with them and your feet will stay protected and comfortable at all times.


Black heels

Are you headed for a series of parties and night outs? Nothing can beat a pair of chic black pumps. They will go all of your dresses and you will not need any other pair of shoes for all your raves.

Black heels


Boots are a must have for winters and if you are going someplace especially cold, boots will be the best pair of shoes you will pack. They will keep your feet warm and comfortable. Pack a pair of black or brown boots and they will go with all of your outfits while doing a great job at keeping the cold weather at bay.


Flip flops

Thinking beach for this vacation? Pack a pair of flip flops with your sunblock as they are the ideal footwear for the beach. Choose a pair of comfortable yet strong pair of flip flops and you will be ready to hit the beach.

Flip flops

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