The difference between orange and blue Jio SIM, explained

Reliance brought a huge impact in the telecom market by launching the Jio SIM. Unlimited calling, messaging and high speed internet is something we could have never imagined given how quickly the prices of telecom companies are sky rocketing. The talk about unlimited 4G data with the speed of 135 Mbps spread like wildfire among the masses and for the right reasons.


What color is your Reliance Jio SIM? Is it blue or is it orange? If you were thinking that there was no difference between the two, you couldn’t be more wrong. There is a slight difference between the two SIMs and we are going to explain it to you right now. Both of the SIM cards have a slight difference and while you thought that they were both the same, they were not really the same. Some of the people received blue Jio SIM and the others received the orange one.

The main difference between the two was the difference of preview and welcome offers.

The orange Jio SIM was a part of preview offer from Reliance and if you received the orange SIM, you have received the old Jio SIM. It has unlimited calls, SMS and high speed 4G internet. But you will get a new phone number and you cannot port-in your previous number to the new SIM.

The blue Jio SIM is a part of welcome offer by Reliance and while it provides the same services as the orange SIM, there is a significant difference between the internet speed. While the orange SIM will render you unlimited access to 4G mobile data, the Blue SIM will provide you 4 GB high speed 4G mobile data but after you have used up the 4 GB data, the speed will plummet to 128 kbps. The blue SIM allows you to port-in your previous number and it is generated through eKYC process which is an online process.

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