What to pack for a road trip

A road trip with your friends and family is a fun idea. Taking a day off to simply enjoy the scenic beauty and the company of your loved ones is more than enough to relax after long, hard days at work. Driving through the empty roads with blaring music in your car is something you should experience once. Planning your first road trip? Here’s what you are going to need.


Audio books

For when things get a little dull, listening to audiobooks can be fun. Download a few of them in your smartphone to kill some time when you are bored. Also, wireless earphones will further add to your experience as you won’t have to worry about tangled cords and staying plugged to your phone all the time.

Audio books


Needless to say, your stomach is going to rumble few hours after beginning your road trip. And having titbits to eat also kills boredom which makes snacks a road trip packing essential.


Pillow and blankets

Carrying blankets and pillow will prove to be a good idea when it gets chilly at night. It will make sleeping easier and comfortable in your car and especially if you are travelling with kids, it will help them sleep better.

Pillow and blankets

Garbage bags

Another packing essential is garbage bags. Unless you want your car to get dirty, always carry a pack of garbage bags to avoid the mess.


First-aid kit

Prepare a little first-aid kit to carry along on your road trip. Pack basic medicinal items for problems that arise ranging from headaches to minor scratches. You will thank yourself later when the headache will make you feel as if your head is going to split in two.

First-aid kit


Again, it’s not going to be fun all the time, at certain point you are going to get bored. That’s when you will need games to make things interesting. Don’t think board games as they’re hard to play in a moving vehicle; games like cards, crossword puzzles and bingo would be more suitable.


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