Must haves for frequent travelers

Got a tinge of gypsy in your soul? If you do, you might be spending half of your time travelling around the world. as wonderful as it sounds, it is not easy. Wrinkled clothes to dropping your phone in water while travelling is something you must be familiar with. There are set of problems you have to face as a traveler and while they aren’t really back breaking, it would still be good if you could get rid of few of them. here are few must haves for a globe trotter that will make travelling easier.


Universal adapter

Just like culture varies from place to place, the sockets vary too and you are going to have a hard time charging your gadgets if your plugs aren’t compatible with the sockets. To eliminate this problem, invest in a good quality universal adapter. It will help you access the sockets without any problems and charge your gadgets.


Pocket knife

Carrying a pocket knife is a good idea if you are a frequent traveler. The versatile tool will help you from opening packages to protecting yourself in case you are threatened by someone.


Waterproof phone case

If you travel frequently, you can’t really keep your phone without a phone case and if you do, it won’t last long, we assure you. Getting a phone case would be wise and if you are going to get a phone case, why don’t you get a waterproof phone case? Apart from acting as a basic phone case, it will also protect it underwater and it might also help you use your phone underwater (think underwater photography).

Waterproof phone case

Small iron

Wrinkled clothes are one of the issues frequent travelers have to deal with. But you don’t have to compromise your style just because you travel frequently. Carry a mini iron and it will keep the wrinkles at bay.

Small iron

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