9 tips on saving money for your travel plans

  1. You can get discount on your room if you call your hotel at the last moment. They wouldn’t want their rooms empty and a little haggling might land you a great deal.


    2. If you are more of a people person, opt for a hostel over a hotel. You will meet new people and a hostel is cheaper than a hotel.

    3. Yes, taking a cab is really convenient but the more you will walk, the more you will save. Instead of hiring a cab, walk as much as you can as apart from saving your money, it will keep you in shape.


    4. If walking is tiresome for you, rent a bike. You will save a fortune on transportation if you have a bike that is comfortable and is perfect for exploring those narrow nooks and crannies.

    5. The street vendors often overprice their products once they spot that you are a tourist. While shopping for souvenirs, haggle with the vendors and you will be amazed at how low their prices can go.


    6. While choosing a destination, consider the strength of your currency. If your currency is stronger than that of your destination, your trip will not drain your bank account.

    7. If your meals are not included in your hotel room charges, consider eating out instead. Avoid the hotel restaurant and relish on local cuisine instead. Not only it is dirt cheap, but you will also get the authentic taste of your destination.


    8. If you are travelling with your family, keep an eye out for family deals. They might include free meals for children and additional benefits that you may miss out on otherwise.

    9. By choosing to travel at night, you can save money on night’s accommodation. Whether you are travelling by plane, bus or train, book your tickets for the night and sleep on your journey.


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