How technology changed the meaning of words

Technology has totally transformed the way we live. It has slowly crept in all aspects of our life and today, we are dependent on it for almost everything. It has changed the way we communicate, carry out business and made shopping easier by making way for online shopping much more. And it has also made its way in our language and gave new meanings to words that meant entirely different before technology influenced them. Take a look below and see for yourself.


Man writing on the paper in the office

Before IT: applications meant the formal letter we wrote to authorities.
After IT: they mean the program we download in our mobile phones.



Before IT: crashing used to mean colliding violently with an object or another vehicle and the resulting noise after the collision.
After IT: a system failing to perform a task because of some problems in it refers to crashing.



Before IT: a sweet food item that is made using flour and sugar and is baked at high temperature to make it crunchy and crumbly.
After IT: the information websites save about you when you visit them are called cookies.
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Before IT: suspending at a height by grabbing something.
After IT: system refusing to work or perform a task as a result of major fault in it.



Before IT: menu refers to the list of food items offered to you that you may order.
After IT: the drop down list that mentions the list of functions a program in a system can perform is called the menu.



Before IT: virus is a microscopic living being that causes diseases and can be transferred from one living being to another.
After IT: in technological terms, virus refers to a program that is designed to harm a system by causing failures and altering the data in it.

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